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 All things green

As we wrap up warm, turn on our heating and pack away our summer clothes, green isn’t always the first colour to come to mind – what with the leaves turning red and brown, and the trees’ branches getting barer and barer. No, when most people talk about green and nature, it’s spring that comes to mind. But at th2 we’re turning those preconceptions on their head – because green is our favourite colour this season. As the poet Roc McKuen said, there are ‘blessings in shades of green.’

After all, green is the colour of life, associated with growth and harmony. It renews and restores depleted energy, and can create an optimistic refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Who wouldn’t want that added oomph as we adapt to the dark evenings coming in?

Who wouldn’t want to get revved up for a new ‘school’ year of sorts – shaking off summer and raring to take on the world? And there are ample shades to choose between, from chartreuse to sage, emerald to lime, olive to parakeet –some Amazonian tribes have over a hundred words to describe the varying shades of green! While the Japanese used the same word for both green and blue until relatively recently. Just one word for such a bountiful colour? That wouldn’t do for us, and the multitude of ways we love to use green in our designs.
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In fact, we adore green– in particular, dark green, which is why we recently used Sanderson’s ‘Amsterdam Green’ in our newly refurbished studio space.

And just as there are multiple shades to choose from, green is also incredibly versatile. Coat an entire room with it if you like, or even your house, covering all the walls in shades of green. Or if that’s too much, simply use it for an accent wall. With its soothing effects, green is suitable for any room – it’ll help you unwind in the sitting room, keep things cool in the kitchen, and relieve stress in the office. And when it comes to the bedroom? Well, it’s widely considered to help with fertility…

But fertility aside, green– whether it’s on the walls or cushions thrown across the bed – is excellent in a bedroom. Combining dark green and black creates both a dramatic and effortlessly slick effect.

Featured: Mayfair Pied a Terre

Alternatively, using a softer green alongside more natural tones helps to create a tranquil feel to a bedroom, perfect for kicking back, relaxing and, most importantly, a good night’s sleep. Cushions in fresh green and white quickly bring a space to life, bringing a feeling of youth and renewal to a room – much like the first shoots, you see breaking through the ground in spring.

But don’t limit it to walls, cushions and upholstered chairs. Bedside lamps and tables, such as our One Drawer Bedside Table in forest green, are great ways to introduce green to a room – throw in a splash of gold, such as on the handles, and you’ve elevated the look even further, adding a subtle nod to luxury.

So, whatever the look you’re after – there’s a shade of green to suit you, allowing you to reboot your life as the rest of the world starts to hibernate.

th2studioFeatured: Our new T-bar Bedside Table and our favourite One Drawer Bedside Table, both in Forest Green

Feature image: Dressed to Sit StoolOne Drawer Bedside Table in Forest Green, Zamora Throw in Basil, Focus Art

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