Three wise interior moves to make this Christmas


Mince pies, pigs in blankets, brandy butter – hello Christmas, you glorious, gluttonous, indulgent, merry old time of year.  And hello to your home suddenly being full to the rafters. No, not with food – but with the extended family descending upon you for a rattling good time. Well, you did offer! It’ll be joyful, that’s for sure, but it’s well known that this sort of Christmas is also a recipe for potential chaos –unless you prepare for the mass invasion. Which is why, here at th2studio, we bring you wisdom far more valuable than gold, frankincense or myrrh – and that’s advice on just how to handle the influx of guests, from an interiors angle.

Featured image: Karma Cushion, The Bird , Retro Cane Bench


Usually, when hosting a dinner, we only invite the number of people we can sensibly seat at our dining table (or at least try to). Christmas lunch, however, is a different story – after all, you can’t simply lose a niece, or indeed drop a mother-in-law, to fit your seating plan. Which is why you need to be cunning in your strategy to seat all those bottoms; benches, poufs and stools, even side tables, such as our Earthenware side table, are excellent for additional seating, taking up less space than dining chairs around a table, and absolutely perfect for children. But do make sure that elderly guests aren’t sat on a stool, it’s just not the done thing.

th2studioFeatured: Perfect Portable PouffEarthenware Sidetable, Soft Seat Stool

Throws and Cushions

Once Christmas lunch is done, Christmas Day is all about comfort. And it’s time to hunker down in front of the telly in the living room, binging on Christmas TV specials and chocolate until New Year. Which is why ensuring your sofas are super comfy is of utmost importance – an abundance of cushions and throws are key for the ultimate snug factor. And a cosy armchair, such as Dan’s Comfy Chair, will always be appreciated by Grandpa – even if the choice of TV show is occasionally disputed!
th2studioth2studioFeatured: Karma Cushion, Classic Throw

The night before Christmas

The presents won’t be opened till Christmas day, but giving your guests a good night’s sleep is the ultimate gift. And that’s guaranteed when sleeping on crisp new bed linen and perfectly soft pillows, as found at The White Company. Extra spoiling too are fluffy white terry towels, hot water bottles and cashmere bed socks (though you might want to save those for Christmas Day as either a present or stocking filler.
th2studioth2studioFeatured: Cashmere Socks, Savoy Bed Linen,Sheepskin Hot-Water Bottle, Pillow

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