Getting Started

It’s easy to get carried away in fantasy when you move into your new home. And that’s jolly good fun too! But it’s also important to stay real. We’re not trying to dampen your enthusiasm here, we’re just saying don’t be too gung-ho in your approach. Which is where both Pinterest and Instagram can be useful when contemplating how to approach your space. Both are great platforms for you to trawl: jam-packed with inspiration and quirky ideas, they’ll help you to work out your individual style and the best way to use your space, before you invest in anything concrete.


It’s also a good idea to order samples of fabric before you purchase anything – then you can build a mood board and live with it for a while before making a final decision. The same goes in our approach to choosing what colour paint to go with – pin large A4 samples of your colour choices up in the room, observe how they change with the light and see how each affects your mood.

And lastly, just as your eyes can be bigger than your stomach when ordering in a restaurant, your eyes can be bigger than your space when it comes to decorating a home– draw up a plan of the space and make sure that everything fits and that you have the right circulation space.



Decorative Tricks

There are many tricks you can utilise to bring a space to life.

Featured: Drawer Store Bedside Table, Heritage Merino Throw

Painting a feature bedroom wall a dark colour, while keeping the others neutral, can help to give a room depth, while also adding a sense of grandeur. But if it’s an immediate effect throughout your home that you want to give, then wallpapering a hall instantly changes the mood and adds a sense of luxury. Wallpaper behind the bed will also have the same effect – but do keep the rest of the room simple, and ensure patterns complement rather than clash.


Furniture Choices

Do not be afraid to mix and match your styles. After all your home is the perfect place to express your personality, and there is no right or wrong when it comes to personal taste – so do mix heirlooms or vintage pieces with contemporary furniture when and where it tickles your fantasy. At th2studio we love to add organic finishes to a scheme such as bamboo or rattan to create a softer, more comfortable space to live in. Featured: Bits & Bobs Store, Boho ChairSupernatural Kitchen Table



Argh, storage – a common struggle for home owners! This is where you need to be savvy when it comes to furniture. Buy pieces that are multifunctional. If you’re buying a table, why not look for one that also has drawers to provide extra storage. Or what about using a poof for a side table? Simply pop a tray on top if it’s got a soft cover, then quickly whip it out as a stool when you find yourself stuck for seating.

Featured: Style Store Unit, Essential Drawer Store Bedside Table, Springs Cushion


Putting your stamp on your home

Cushions, rugs and lampshades are a quick and easy way to make a statement in a home, and a good way of avoiding making expensive mistakes on a large scale. They’re a great way of bringing colour and pattern into a household, though be careful not to oversaturate your space – stick to one or two large pieces. But, despite this, don’t be afraid to be bold! Take inspiration from our website, where you can browse rooms and click on our ‘get the look’ options. Crossway Cushion



Plants are a more eco option than flowers, as well as being more financially sustainable. Not only that, there are multiple health benefits to indoor plants – they reduce stress, improve air quality and help lower background noise, to name but a few of their beneficial qualities.


Featured: Modern Classic Corner Sofa, Kea Cushion



Art is an easy way to add character to any space, whether you decide to hang one large, central artwork or decide to fill the wall with a hotch-potch of smaller pieces. If you do choose to fill your wall with multiple prints and paintings, it’s okay for some pieces to be fillers – collecting art is an organic process, where you’ll find pieces that appeal to you at different stages in life.

Featured: Bold Bistro Chair, Supernatural Kitchen Table, Artwork

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