how to decorate your home with art


Decorating your home with art can be challenging. The impact art can have upon a viewer is undeniable. It can both lift your mood or dampen your spirits. And, here’s the catch, its effect changes from person to person. No wonder then that, for many, art can feel daunting. But listen, when decorating your own space, pick what pleases you – just as you do your weekend wardrobe, but perhaps less so your secret Spotify playlist (you know, the cheesy one full of nineties hits). Emotions aside though, art also has a huge aesthetic impact and here are some factors to bear in mind when immersing art into your home.

Adding Colour

Let’s be honest, when it comes to your paintwork a neutral colour scheme is easier to work with overall – it gives more scope to play with your furnishings. But a room can be left feeling sterile if you don’t then add some colour, paintings are an excellent and easy way to do so. A bright and colourful piece of art will quickly bring your room to live, as well as allowing you to display your personality in colour – whether you choose a bright and cheery scene, a psychedelic explosion or simply opt for more basic, geometric colourful prints.

If however, you’re going for a monochrome theme, a bold black and white piece will complement the room and add texture.

How to decorate with art

Featured: Clear Skies

Collections / Mix and match

There is something immensely charming about a wall covered in art. A collection of complimentary pieces, created to be displayed together, will add a uniformity and cohesion to a room. While a medley of mix and match pieces adds bohemian character – it’s up to you whether you want to hang them on a grid, all a uniform size, or want to take a more random approach, with pieces of varying sizes and styles working together to create the overall affect. In this situation, it’s less about each single piece of art and more about how they work together as a whole. Equally, a medley of art on the wall gives you the freedom to chop and change the collection as and when you fancy, adding newer works as you find them.

How to decorate with art

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how to decorate with art pieces

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Statement pieces

When it comes to picking large-scale works, you want to think hard about how it will work in your space and the mood it creates. If you are certain of a piece, and feel it will complete your home, then display it alone: a statement piece should have the strength to stand, (or in this case hang), on its own merits, becoming something of a conversation starter uninterrupted by background noise.


Featured: Modern Classic Corner Sofa

Savvy savings

Framing, mounting… the cost of art can quickly add up! With the print itself sometimes being cheapest part of the entire process. But there are ways to keep the costs down! You’ll find a wide selection of frames, in all different sizes and colours, on the high street – embrace your creative side and go all arts and crafts on them, painting them to give a bespoke feel. As for imagery, there’s no need to fork out huge amounts of cash simply to fill your wall – you can easily use your own photography from holidays & memorable occasions. Just print those out and frame, these will work as great fillers till you find the pieces you truly want to invest in, as well as allowing you to regularly change your display with zero financial guilt.

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