Transform your bedside from boring to beautiful! If your bed is the focal point of your room, then your bedside tables should be the perfect bookends. But even though we spend hours sleeping next to them, it’s easy to end up with a nightstand which feels slapdash rather than stylish. They should be practical as well as pretty, with functional décor which will withstand daily life and be in sync with your bedroom scheme. So before you retreat under the duvet, read our interior design tips for the bedside table of dreams.



Bedside tables - Sizing


‘How tall should my bedside table be?’ – This is one of the top questions we are asked as interior designers. As a general rule, the top of your bedside table should be in line, or a little above, the top of your mattress so it’s both easy to reach and creates a pleasing continuous line for the eye. Make sure everything is in proportion; wide bedside tables work with a larger bed whereas a small round table will suit a narrow room. A chest of drawers is, of course, practical, but something with legs or open shelves will create a sense of space and tick those good Feng Shui boxes for a serene sleeping environment.

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Bedside table Lighting

Once you’ve got a good base, decide on your lighting. A table lamp is the best option, especially if it has a switch on the cord for easy access. Scale the size with your bed, but as a rough guide, the base of the lamp shouldn’t take up more than a third of the table surface. If you’re short on space but don’t want to make the tricky decision of where to hang pendants or wall sconces, a modern floor lamp with a slim footprint is a great option. For the perfect reading conditions, the bottom of the shade should sit at the same height as your chin when you are sat up in bed, or simply choose an arm which can be angled. A sculptural lamp will add some drama.

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Bedside table - storage

Unread books, beauty products, discarded jewellery. We’ve mentioned before how everyday clutter can ruin your Zen so take control with good storage! Drawers allow you to hide away clutter and leave the table top for your favourite bits and bobs. A good tip for open shelves is to use pretty boxes or baskets to stash away smaller possessions. Alternatively, use a decorative bowl or tray. If you don’t have much room, you might want your bedside table to double as a bookshelf or linen ladder, which can actually give your room a more contemporary feel.

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Styling your bedside

Choose symmetrical nightstands for a balanced look, or opt for mismatched tables if you want an eclectic scheme. You can always coordinate with matching lamps or stick to the same colour palette for subtle symmetry. When it comes to styling objects, be sure to mix shapes and sizes. Beautiful books not only set the scene but create horizontal lines and act as a base to stack other items. If in doubt choose shades which compliment the bed linen, but if it’s starting to feel dull then liven the look up with a pop of colour or metallics for some luxury.

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Bedside accessories

The final touch? Those personal items which will make your space a sanctuary.

We love a candle with a sophisticated scent for ambience and a vase or easy-to-maintain plant for some organic texture. Keep a notepad at hand for any genius nocturnal ideas, and display unique mementoes to evoke happy memories for a restful slumber. Leaning framed prints against the back wall will cleverly fill a blank space, as will a stylish clock (which is perfect for a digital detox). A small rug beside the bed is not only a smart way to introduce colour, but it’s kind on the feet too! As always, less is more, but a beautiful accent or two will elevate your bedroom interiors.

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