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Our homes are a window into how we live – with factors such as family, work and play influencing our interiors. But with today’s busy schedules and ever-changing routines, it can be hard to keep a coherent scheme together, resulting in a mishmash of different styles that don’t quite work together. Sometimes our tastes change – as do fashions – and we can find that a look we liked several years ago really needs an update. But before you start redecorating, here at th2studio we recommend you think first about your own individual likes and dislikes and discover your decorating ‘personality’.


Clutter free and streamlined bedrooms to promote calm and order

Create the right mood

If you’re someone who likes calm and order, then a clutter-free and streamlined style is the one for you. The bedroom above is the perfect example of a tranquil and easy-to-live-with decor. The colour scheme is simple: just cool blue tones and greys with chalky whites that look bright and airy. While texture is added with the tailored headboard and soft throws. In-built shelves keep the space ordered and the black and white art is eye-catching yet subtle.

If you like a more quirky and eclectic look, then why not mix things up a little. The room set below shows how materials like linen, knits, and copper-toned metals work together beautifully, yet look informal and laid-back. You can also mix up your furniture, so rather than going for a matching sofa and upholstered chairs, this room has a neutral-toned settee teamed with an iron finished coffee table.

Mix fabrics and styles to create an eclectic look


Work with what you’ve got

Take a look at the proportions and light in your rooms. Some simple decorating tricks can make compact, north-facing rooms feel bright and spacious. For example, this living room has plain, neutral walls for an expansive effect, a sheer blind at the window to let in maximum light, and a leggy coffee table that shows off more floor area than a trunk-style table would, to make the room feel more open.

Using high coffee tables with thinner legs makes smaller rooms feel larger


Alternatively, if you want to give large spaces a cosy, intimate look, then colour and pattern are the way to go, like these colourful wallpapers that are ideal for feature walls.

Using bold patterns makes larger rooms feel cosy


Make sure it works for your lifestyle

Think how the space will be used – do you need a flexible, family-friendly interior with lots of storage, or something more formal if you entertain often? Perhaps you work from home and need a dedicated work area, or maybe you need a solution to a smaller space. Discover your style and find a room that suits all your needs and your personality.

Lighting can change the feel of a space drastically and is something that needs to be both functional and stylish. With so many options available choosing the right style for your interior can be difficult. We have got you covered! Our designers have hand-picked a selection of Lighting options to suit all needs and tastes. Such as our delightful table lamp, the Bright Spark, which we think brings a modern-classic look to any room. Or The Everywhere, a versatile floor lamp with adjustable arm and conical shade, allowing you to direct the light where you need it most, guaranteed to brighten any gloomy corner!

Choose the right lighting for your lifestyle


Add pattern to a blank canvas

One of the simplest ways to decorate is to create a muted backdrop and use patterns for added interest. Geometrics are the look of the moment and can instantly lift a modern scheme. Our Sky High Style room, pictured below, has a patterned chair, as well as a mix of patterned and coloured cushions that add texture and are easy on the eye. Unsure of working with patterns? Then our click-and-buy room sets are perfect for you! The decision-making has been done for you by our expert interior designers.

Add patterns to a blank canvas - patterned armchairs


Add bright colour

Simply choosing your favourite colour and adding touches of it around your home can be a great way to bring your scheme to life and make it personal to you. Spicy tones like this burnt orange are warm and inviting:

Add bright colour to a bedroom with cushions and throws

Feeling inspired? Browse our whole range of room sets to choose your ideal look, or if you need some more design expertise, contact us and we can help.

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