Get Your Guest Room Ready For Christmas

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This is your seasonal warning:  There are less than 70 days until Christmas! You’ve no doubt had the annual discussion of who is hosting, and if it’s fallen into your lap, then panic not. We’re here to make having extra guests feel effortless, and with a little prep you can transform your sterile spare room into a cosy Christmas guest room your friends and family will love.



th2designs scheme board

Featured: th2designs scheme board

It can be a daunting task redecorating a room so giving yourself plenty of time to get started is crucial. We recommend allowing at least a week to gather inspiration and come up with an idea that you’re happy with but is also achievable. Get all your ideas in one place and create yourself a mood board to help you decide on the right vibe, and to make sure it all works together! For all kinds of interior inspiration explore our Pinterest boards, where you’ll find inspiration for lots of different styles. This is also the time to measure up! If you’re unsure whether or not a piece of furniture will fit in your space use masking tape on the floor to measure out the dimensions, that way you can get a realistic idea of how all of your pieces will fit together.



Painted wall & wallpaper

Featured: Soho Sleep room collection / Lewis & Wood ‘Beech’ wallpaper

Time to start decorating! So often the guest room is a blank white space, but this is actually one place you can play around with wallpaper and colour. Painting behind the bed will immediately refresh a space, and doing it sooner rather than later will allow time for a few coats and the fresh paint smell to dissipate.



Smart Sleep room collection

Featured: Smart Sleep room collection products

Even something as simple as changing the headboard immediately gives a room new life. Our headboards collection includes everything from boutique hotel feel buttoned and winged styles to sophisticated patterns in linens, wools and velvets. You don’t want guests to throw their suitcase on the clean bed, so you could include a stool or side table that can double as a luggage rack. Our Dressed To Sit stool is the perfect size for an overnight bag. An occasional armchair will create a cosy nook for your guest to relax during the day. Top of your priority list is ensuring your guests will have a comfortable nights sleep. Mattresses should be changed every 8 years so now might be the time to invest in a new one. We work exclusively with Hypnos who quite simply make the comfiest beds. They even hold the royal warrant! Pair with our divan sets which come in a choice of sizes and stylish fabrics. Our mattresses and divan sets are handmade and made to order so are best ordered 6 weeks in advance. And if it all feels like too much, explore our large range of room collections where we’ve done the hard work for you, every piece has been selected or created by our designers to ensure perfect interior harmony.



Serene Sleep room collection

Featured: Serene Sleep room collection

For an instant update, inject colour with new cushions. Our larger designs look great on their own on a single bed or layer up with smaller cushions such as our silky Bridget Cushion. As the clocks change and winter creeps in, you’ll want to make sure your spare room is a sanctuary. A hand-woven rug will add an extra layer of warmth to a wooden floor or short pile carpet. The ultimate cold weather companion is, of course, a luxurious throw, and we now have three in our collection. British-made and crafted from 100% merino wool or cashmere, you might want to keep them all to yourself! All of these items are best ordered 4 weeks ahead of time.



Lean In Ladder and guest room products

Featured: Lean In Ladder / Pinterest lifestyle

With all your new pieces arriving it’s time to start setting up the space. Unwrapping all your new items, it will feel like Christmas has come early! Once you have all of your new items in place it’s time to think about that little something extra. It can be quite daunting staying in someone else’s house, so save your guests asking you for things by preparing for every eventuality. Fill the bedside with basics including a toothbrush and toothpaste, tissues, a hairdryer and some interesting reading material like a stylish city guide. Earplugs and an eye mask are considerate things to leave out, as is a spare robe. Stock up on fresh towels and spare bed linen that can be turned into a decorative display with our Lean In Ladder. It also acts as extra hanging space for your guests if the wardrobe is already full. Finally, don’t forget digital needs with your Wi-Fi password and a spare phone charger (because they’ll inevitably forget!)



Treat your guests like royalty even further by upgrading your bed linen. Don’t just give them the spare set but spoil them with a feather mattress topper and crisp new sheets from The White Company. Don’t forget to iron everything too, first impressions are everything! You can learn more of our secrets to a great night’s sleep with our expert tips. Scent is key to a welcoming atmosphere, so use a fresh linen spray and light a scented candle. The new Highland Escape collection by The White Company makes you feel like you’re curled up beside a roaring log fire and comes with just the right amount of festive fragrance as well as a pretty silver votive holder.



Sleep Patterns room collection

Now it’s time for a few last minute details. A water carafe and glasses will stop guests trudging through the house with water, and why not add fruit or cucumber for a spa feel? Fresh flowers are another beautiful addition to a room. Imagine you’re walking into a hotel room and add those extra touches.

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