You spend a third of your life in bed! So you want to make sure you make the most of it. From Arianna Huffington’s recent book, ‘The Sleep Revolution’ to Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘clean sleeping’ theory, our bedtime habits are now being approached in the same way as healthy eating or mindfulness. Creating a blissful bedroom is of course essential. The interior design experts at th2Studio share their tips for a perfect night’s sleep.


Bed Linen

Your body’s core temperature stays naturally low during sleep, rising when you are ready to wake up. Hence, keeping cool during the night is imperative. Pick breathable fabrics such as woven linens, bamboo or pure Egyptian cotton, then layer up with a good quality down duvet. For those who prefer a relaxed style, choose sheets which look ok, if not better, a bit creased such as flax linen. We love Zara Home and The White Company for affordable options.

White Company & Zara Bed Linen

Photo: White Company Savoy Bed Linen Collection / Zara Home Floral Print Duvet Set


Soothing Colours

Mix neutral colours in white, ivory and grey for calming ‘zen-like’ surroundings. Crisp white bedsheets give the impression of a light and airy space, but perhaps consider a dark wall behind the bed for a moody contrast. For a touch of colour, cool blue hues have been proven to reduce tension and here evoke a serene seaside sanctuary. You can almost hear the lulling sound of the waves.

City Sanctuary room

Photo: City Sanctuary Room



A clear room = a clear mind! Invest in good bedroom storage to hide away mess and make every design matter. The Theo Side Table has a lift off tray for extra usability, and the streamline design of our Open-Closed bedside table will fit seamlessly into any space. A clever trick is to have a floor lamp, rather than a table lamp, to further save on surface space. It makes a cool design feature too. Bedside tables

Photo: Petite Studded To Sleep Room  / Open-Closed Bedside


Good Mattress

There’s no better way to improve the quality of your sleep than buying a new mattress. As a rule, spend as much as you can afford. Look for hand-tufted rather than quilted, as this stops the filling from shifting. Pocket springs will last longer and are more breathable, as are natural fabrics. We know: It’s a daunting task! Which is why we’ve done the hard work for you and partnered with Hypnos who craft the ultimate in luxury mattresses. The medium firm is the design team’s firm favourite.

Sound Sleep bed base

Photo: Our Sound Sleep Double Bed


The Details

And now for the fun bit: Accessorise! Add warm coloured headboards and cushions for a cosy feel, then get indulgent with spa like scents. We love This Works Deep Sleep pillow spray. Houseplants will take a room from flat to fresh and can even improve air quality. Boston Fern filters harmful formaldehyde from the air, whilst Aloe Vera releases oxygen day and night.

House Plants & Pillow Spray

Photo: Smart Sleep Room / This Works Pillow Spray


Digital Detox

Save your sleep by indulging in the unthinkable before bed – a digital detox! The light from our screens along with the mental activity used in constant scrolling actually prevents our brains from producing the sleep hormone, Melatonin. The only technology recommended is meditation apps, Headspace and Buddify, which help you to unwind the mindful way.

Digital detox before bed

Photo: Retreat To Sleep Room

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