5 Designer Tips For Styling Your Coffee Table

For such a small piece of furniture, your coffee table has a huge presence in your living room. Not only does your daily activity revolve around it, but it is the finishing touch to a decorating scheme. The fact it’s such a small surface only makes dressing it all the more tricky! Our super styling guru, Mia, shares her top styling secrets for the perfect coffee table.



If you’re daunted by a blank canvas, embrace the power of three. Greenery, books and a candle. These three items will make it seem like you’ve put some thought into decorating the table and will also leave enough space for daily debris. If you have a larger table, you can then go a step further by adding height, such as a vase or tall candlesticks, and a personal object such as a photo frame. Take a 360° approach when it comes to the arrangement, ensuring you look at things from every angle. Don’t forget to balance shape and colour!

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Your coffee table’s best friend? A beautiful tray! It turns an upholstered footstool into a versatile coffee table and contains all your pieces for a refined look. Avoid mess by leaving bowls for everyday clutter with space for coins, sunglasses and ugly remote controls. Beautiful bonbon jars and trinket boxes are both useful and dressy and look great filled with handy matchboxes. To create more surface space stagger nesting tables which can be utilised as and when you need them. For peak organisation though, our X Tray Coffee Table has THREE removable trays to make life super easy!

X Tray Coffee Table

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A well-designed coffee table should not only be pretty, but practical too. How do you use it? Work, storage, lounging? People who love entertaining should leave space for plates and glasses, and have coasters stacked up. Families should keep fragile items out of little arm’s reach. And if you just want to put your feet up keep everything on a tray so it’s easy to clear. You will add things throughout the day, so make sure there’s spot for at least a mobile phone and a cup of tea! Be realistic: will you have fresh flowers every week? If not, you could have hurricane lanterns or a collection of beautiful bottles instead.

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Your coffee table should be an extension of your interiors and have as much style as the rest of the décor. Concrete surfaces bring industrial cool to a room but are best softened with plants and a touch of colour. Clean white table tops look more homely with some natural texture and warmth, whilst black coffee tables look striking when paired with metallic accessories.

So versatile maxi coffee table

Featured: So Versatile Maxi Coffee Table



We’ve given you the practical tools, now it’s your turn to make your mark! Use your table to display (a curated collection of) those decorative bits you’ve collected over the years. Travel trinkets are a great conversation starter as are photos. Introduce texture with natural objects which can be changed seasonally (shells and pebbles in summer, mini pumpkins in autumn). Arty types might want to use the surface as an extension of their bookshelf and display neat piles of books. Have fun mixing interesting covers and spines!

Dress your coffee table with personal items

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